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History - Mission

The Mission of the Greene County Educational Service Center

The mission of the Greene County ESC is to promote educational success for our students by providing essential, effective, specialized services supporting collaborative partnerships amongst all stakeholders.

The Vision of the Greene County Educational Service Center

The Greene County ESC aspires to develop and deliver quality services benefiting students, families, staff and partners in education.

The History of the Greene County Educational Service Center

The Greene County Educational Service Center was created as the Greene County Board of Education in 1914, when Ohio's 80th General Assembly recommended the establishment of a county board of education for each of the 88 counties in the state. At that time, the main purpose of the county office was to provide administrative leadership to mostly small local school districts.

Since its formation in 1914 the Greene County ESC has seen the population it serves in Greene County increase as listed in the following chart:



Since 1914 the Greene County ESC has had 13 superintendents. Their terms have been as follows:


Frank M. Reynolds

1914 - 1920

H.C. Aultman

1920 - 1940

Harry Pickering

1940 - 1941

S.O. Liming

1942 - 1953

Vaughn Lewis

1953 - 1957

E. W. Kavanagh

1957 - 1966

Robert P. Peters

1966 - 1982

Howard L. Post

1982 - 1993

William S. Wright

1993 - 1999

Ed L. Bowman

1999 - 2002

Terry A. Thomas

2002 - 2012

Michael Gray

2012 - 2015

Terry Strieter



As part of the 1995 biennial state budget, legislators authorized that all county boards of education be called educational service centers. In August 1995 our name changed to the Greene County Educational Service Center. This same provision also changed the name of our board of education to "governing board." Through history as County Offices have moved more from a regulatory agency to one of providing necessary services, the name Greene County Educational Service Center truly fits our mission today which is "... to provide and promote positive leadership, cost effective services to customers, and to foster the achievement of high quality education for all students ..."

Today, Educational Service Centers also provide many services to city school districts through a wide variety of city/county contracts specifying the services city school districts wish to receive. In order to effectively carry out these plans, Service Centers with student enrollment of less than 8,000 students were required to merge with neighboring county ESC's. Currently the state of Ohio has 60 Educational Service Centers, down from the original 88 as enacted in 1914.

The Greene County Educational Service Center currently provides services to Cedar Cliff, Greeneview, and Sugarcreek Local Schools as well as Beavercreek, Fairborn, Xenia City Schools and Yellow Springs Exempted Village Schools.

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