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Terry Graves-Strieter

Terry Strieter
The Greene County ESC is pleased to be of service to our county school districts. We are committed to providing the best possible programs and services, and we stand by our MISSION “to promote educational success for our students by providing essential, effective, specialized services supporting collaborative partnerships amongst all stakeholders.”

The Greene County ESC is dedicated to hiring excellent people who are experts in their fields. We have an impressive array of specialists who we are proud to count amongst our team. Our employees are dedicated to bringing excellent services to our students. We are honored to have such a wonderful group working in our Greene County schools and programs.

The Greene County ESC takes pride in the services we provide. Those services and programs include but are not limited to alternative education programs, the learning center for students with mental health/emotional needs, intensive needs programming, mental health services, related services such as speech, occupational and physical therapy and adaptive physical education, and other specialized services. We will tailor professional development programs to meet the needs of our client districts at their requests. During the the 2016-17 school year, we started a vision & hearing program, and this school year, we have added audiology services to the department. Another new position is our truancy interventionist which came out of a collaborative effort amongst the school districts, the juvenile courts, and the GCESC.

The Greene County ESC is here to meet the needs of the districts and students whom we serve. I welcome your input and thoughts on how to best do that.

Here is to a great school year!
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