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Greene County Learning Center

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Greene County Learning Center

360 East Enon Road
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

Our Mission:
The mission of the Greene County Learning Center is to provide a safe, individualized, encouraging environment to help foster the five core expectations of being respectful, responsible, safe, problem solvers and learners. We promote school success daily, leading students to become independent and productive members of society.

Our Vision:

The GCLC will continue to develop and provide creative, efficient and customized educational services to our students. We aspire to create opportunities for students to become successful, independent, productive, responsible young adults through a healthy, nurturing environment.

Our Beliefs:

We believe in…
  • Achievable expectations.
  • A positive approach for change.
  • Everyone having the potential to learn.
  • Inspiring others beyond their personal challenges.
  • Teaching socially appropriate behaviors.
  • Developing life long learners.
  • Dignity, worth and respect for all individuals/cultures.

About Us . . .

The Greene County Learning Center (GCLC) is a public "separate facility" school (providing education to students in grades K-12) located in Yellow Springs. The staff atGCLC work together to meet the academic and emotional needs of the children and youth they serve. The major objectives of the program are to help the individual gain some self-awareness, learn new coping skills, increase their ability to make appropriate choices, and improve social-interpersonal interaction with peers and adults. The other objective is to help the student achieve academically. The ultimate goal is to help each student successfully return to their home school as is appropriate for each individual and to function more fully in the community. All students referrals for this program must come from the home school district.

The staff of the Greene County Learning Center consists of Intervention Specialists and Mental Health Therapists. Students, who have Individual Education Plans and have demonstrated the need for intensive behavioral and mental health interventions, may be referred by their home school district for services. Our classrooms are made up of no more than 10 students with an Intervention Specialist and Classroom Assistant. Each student receives academic instruction that is appropriate for both his or her grade level and personal academic ability. In addition, all students receive individual and group mental health therapy, which is provided by our licensed mental health therapists. Students work on their behaviors through an intensively monitored program of positive behavior supports. Daily feedback is sent home to parents so that they can work with us to support their child in the improvement process.

If you would like additional information about our program, please contact your district’s special education supervisor or contact our Director – Brad Kayata.


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