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INC Program

Intensive Need Classroom (INC) programs provide quality educational experiences to low incident students with significant special needs including: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, Fragile X, Etc. INC students typically cope with profound aggression often triggered by environmental/sensory issues. INC teachers partner heavily with families, related service professionals, home school districts, and community agencies to support students and families in achieving their transitional goals of living independently whenever possible. INC programs provide highly-structured routines and daily schedules in a predictable setting. Thee programmatic features, along with functional life skills curriculum, provide relevance for schooling and act as catalysts for significant growth and learning for INC students. All student referrals for this program must come from the home school district.
For more information about the INC program, contact: 

Director of Alternative Programs & Instructional Support Services 

Dean of Students
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