Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluation, Consultation and Coaching Services

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Greene County ESC Assistive Technology Consultation and Coaching Services

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Evaluation


The purpose of the GCESC Evaluation, Consultation and Coaching Services program is to support district personnel in building their capacity to evaluate and support students with assistive technology needs.

What it IS:

  • Job embedded professional development on-site in school districts (see list below).

  • Evaluation to recommend assistive technology options (low and high tech) for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), computer access, reading, writing, electronic aids and activities of daily living (ADL)

  • Consultation to recommend evidence based interventions for assistive technology use

  • Ongoing coaching support for staff  implementation of evidence based practices for Assistive Technology.

  • When possible, support to staff for funding application(s) to assist in payment for AT devices

What it is NOT:

  • Direct student intervention

  • Supplier of AT devices beyond evaluation trial(s)

Initial Assistive Technology Consultation

$2000  per referral


  • Visit 1:

    • Classroom Observation for purpose of evaluation/consultation

    • Review of relevant records

    • Meeting/Needs Assessment with district educational team

  • Visit 2:

    • Evaluation/trials with AAC or other AT devices or low-tech materials, this may include a visit by a commercial vendor(s) as part of the trial and evaluation process

    • Meeting with district educational team

  • Visit 3

    • Delivery of written report with summary and recommendations

    • Presentation/explanation of recommendations with educational team

    • Email Q/A for 4 weeks from date of visit

  • Visit 4

    • Recommendations and trouble-shooting implementation, coaching and support of student and team for use of assistive technology.

Highly Recommended:

Follow Up AT Support Coaching

(only available after completion of initial consultation)

$500 per onsite visit


  • Ongoing observations/meetings upon request of the educational team ($500 per visit)

  • Email Q/A for 4 weeks from date of most recent meeting with district educational team

Example Topics for Job Embedded Professional Development by the Greene County ESC

Assistive Technology Consultant/Coach:

  • Guiding others to define assistive technology needs and identify desired outcomes

  • Support for trials of AT devices/equipment (low and/or high tech)

  • Determining related behavioral and social emotional skill deficits if present

  • Determining functional capacities and strengths of a student

  • Determining appropriate tiers of support

  • Identifying and teaching replacement behaviors/communication

  • Identifying related task demands

  • Scaffolding of assistive technology supports

  • Developing a transfer and generalization plan

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