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Speech & Language Therapy

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Speech & Language Therapy

Who is a Speech & Language Pathologist? 

School-based Speech & Language Pathologists provide services  to help children prepare for, perform, perform and achieve academic success and social participation in the school setting.

What do Speech & Language Pathologists in the educational settings do?

  • Work on teams with teachers, school personnel and parents to assess, evaluate, and provide interventions for students with communication disorders

  • Help students with language disorders to improve language comprehension and production (e.g., grammar, vocabulary, conversation and story-telling skills).

  • Help students with articulation and phonological disorders to learn how to say speech sounds correctly.

  • Assist students with language problems, such as understanding and giving directions, answering and asking questions, understanding and using English grammar, using appropriate social language and conveying ideas to others.

  • Plan and implement interventions in fluency, speech, voice and/or swallowing disorders.

  • Assist students who have had brain trauma relearn language and speech skills.

  • Design and employ augmentative and assistive communication.

  • Distinguish language differences from disorders for bilingual students.

  • Counsel students and their families how to understand communication disorders and how to communicate more effectively in educational, social and vocational settings.

  •  Consult with team members regarding language stimulation, inclusion strategies, social and behavioral adaptations and/or modifications.

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