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Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Team's Positive Parenting Support Expands

The Infant Early Childhood Mental Health (IECMH) team at Greene ESC is making waves with their Positive Parenting program, an interactive psychoeducation and parenting support group that has seen a remarkable surge in participation over the past few months.

Offered four times a month through a virtual platform, Positive Parenting has become a beacon of support for families in Greene County. The expert consultants at
Greene ESC’s IECMH team bring their wealth of knowledge to the program, utilizing evidence-based curricula, including the renowned Triple P (Positive Parenting Program). [Triple P Ohio website link:]

The Positive Parenting program, which is open access for all families in Greene County, has witnessed an impressive milestone in its third year. Over the first three months of this year, participation has tripled, and the numbers continue to grow each month.

Carrie Taylor, BSW, MEd, ECMH-C, OIMPH-III, & Certified Triple P Trainer, has been instrumental in adapting the positive parenting supports from the way they were offered before the pandemic hit in 2020. “In designing the Positive Parenting program, our goal was to make it easy and accessible for parents. We do not require pre-registration. We encourage parents to ask questions, however if they want to just listen that’s fine also. We ask for the parents to type into the chat the ages of their children to gear our conversation towards the ages they have. We take parents' input on the end of session surveys to base our next session topics on challenges they are having with their children. We truly want to meet parents where they are and present them with information that’s easy to understand, easy to incorporate into their daily lives, and encourages connection with their children.”

The broadening reach of the program is particularly noteworthy, with an increasing number of fathers and grandparents actively attending and participating in the sessions. This shift reflects the program’s ability to cater to the diverse needs of families and provide valuable support to different generations.

Funding for the Positive Parenting program comes from a collaborative effort, with support from Greene, Clark & Madison Mental Health & Recovery Board, United Way of Greater Dayton and Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services. This financial backing ensures that the program remains accessible to families in the region, contributing to its widespread success.

The Positive Parenting initiative by the IECMH team not only underscores the growing need for parenting support but also highlights the positive impact of evidence-based programs in fostering healthy family dynamics. As the virtual program continues to thrive, it demonstrates the commitment of the Infant Early Childhood Mental Health team in supporting families and promoting positive parenting practices in Greene County in innovative ways.

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