PAX Good Behavior Game


The Greene County ESC’s Nationally Trained PAX GBG™ Partners support teacher’s implementation of PAX Good Behavior Game™ through in-classroom modeling, coaching, data collection & analysis. PAX Partners work with teachers and administrators to integrate PAX into existing PBIS strategies and programing. Integration brings the PBIS philosophy to life in the everyday activities and interventions teachers use throughout their teaching day. This helps teachers grow nurturing classroom environments, foster social-emotional health and dramatically improve students’ attention and focus to academic tasks.
The PAX Good Behavior Game™ (PAX GBG) teaches students self-regulation, self-control and self-management while collaborating with others for peace, productivity, health & happiness.
PAX GBG™ is an environmental intervention used in the classroom with children to create an environment that is conducive to learning. PAX GBG™ nurtures self-regulation in peer-contexts in order to improve attention and reduce impulsivity, thus wiring the brain during any school activity for long-term gain. PAX GBG™ is designed to reduce off-task behavior; increase attentiveness; and decrease aggressive and disruptive behavior and shy and withdrawn behavior. The intervention has been shown to improve academic success, as well as mental health and substance use outcomes later in life.
To learn more about the PAX Good Behavior Game please visit the PAXIS Institute Website.

Carrie Taylor

Carrie Taylor Carrie is a licensed teacher and Intervention Specialist in Ohio. She received a Master's degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from The University of Dayton in 2007. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work with a Minor in Women's Studies from Wright State University in 2001. Carrie has worked for several years in social work and most recently as a Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist for children with Autism. She is currently a PAX Partner in various elementary buildings in Beavercreek.  

Lisa Phillipp

Lisa Phillipp Lisa has taught for 31 years before becoming a PAX Partner. In her early teaching years, she taught multi-handicapped children and spent the last 25 years teaching first grade in Beavercreek, Ohio. She received her Bachelor’s degrees in special education and elementary education, as well as a Master’s degree in early childhood. She had the opportunity to use the PAX GBG in her classrooms the last several years teaching. She will be working at Shawnee, Cox, Arrowood and McKinley.

Sherry Smith

Sherry Smith Sherry is a licensed teacher in Ohio. She received a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Antioch College. Sherry has worked as a teacher in Fairborn City Schools from 1987 to her retirement in 2013. She was trained in the PAX Good Behavior Game from 2006 to 2013 in First Grade Classrooms. Sherry is currently a PAX Partner in the Greene County Learning Center and Trebein Elementary.

Stacey Whittaker

Stacey Whittaker Stacey received a Bachelor’s degree in English, Psychology, and Sociology Education. She is also certified in the Orton-Gallingham approach. Stacey had worked as a teacher for 18 years in Fairborn, West Carrollton, International Broadcasting College, Columbus, and Springfield. She was also the School Administrator for Olympus Charter School in Dayton, Ohio, as well as an Intervention through Technology teacher in Greenon Local Schools. Stacey has been a a PAX Partner with the Greene ESC since 2014, and is supporting PAX in Tecumseh, Xenia Preschool program, Shaw, Fairbrook, Main, and Greeneview this school year.

Amanda Castro

Amanda Castro Amanda is the ESC’s Grant Manager. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies and Sociology from the University of Delaware in 2008, and received a Master’s Degree in Law and Social Policy from the University of Delaware in 2011. She previously worked as the Sexual Assault Network of Delaware Coordinator, collaborating with multiple statewide stakeholders on addressing the needs of sexual assault victims as well as the sexual assault prevention. For over 2 years she managed substance abuse prevention programs, including statewide Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorders and Alcohol Prevention among young adults and teens, as well creating as a statewide coalition to promote substance abuse prevention. Prior to that, she was a community health educator, conducting sexual health and wellness presentations ranging from STI/Pregnancy prevention to healthy relationships. Amanda also worked with college campus groups on volunteer opportunities in the community. In 2008 she was the recipient of the Benjamin McLukie Memorial award at the University of Delaware as an outstanding senior Sociology major, as well as the Nellie Thompson Rudd Award for scholarship, leadership and service in Women’s Studies. She moved to Ohio from the state of Delaware in January of 2014, and shortly after joined the ESC to manage the Safe Schools / Healthy Students Grant.
SSHS Grant Manager
(937) 767-1303 x. 1124

Anya Senetra

Anya Senetra Anya is a Licensed Independent Social Worker Supervisor in the State of Ohio and is an Ohio Department of Education School Social Work certification. She has been working in the mental health field since 1989, has been with the Greene ESC since 1996, and has been the Program Supervisor for the School-Based Mental Health Program since it began in 2000. Anya is responsible for the School-based Mental Health Program’s development, implementation, and clinical supervision, as well as consultation and crisis support with all eight Greene County school districts. The School-Based Mental Health Program is designed to provide mental health counseling services to the children in the natural environment of the school.
Anya has been an Adjunct Instructor at Wright State University since 2002, teaching courses in the Departments of Social Work and Teacher Education. In addition, Anya became a certified National Trainer and Partner of the PAX Good Behavior Game™ in 2006, a certified trainer of TECIP (Traumatic Event Crisis Intervention Plan) in 2012, and Trauma Informed Care trainer in 2014. Anya is currently involved in two SAMHSA grants, one which has been funded since 2010, the Prevention Practice in Schools Grant which is implementing the PAX Good Behavior Game™, and a Safe Schools Healthy Students grant implemented with OMHAS starting in 2013 which focuses on 5 elements related to enhancing the social emotional well being of youth in Greene County.

School-Based Mental Health Program Supervisor
(937) 767-1303 ext. 1131
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